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Become an Ambassador pack.
Become an Ambassador for North East England and tell others about the benefits of working and living in the North East. You can make a real difference in getting positive messages out about the area to promote investment in the North East and aide the future outlook for your organisation. Help us spread the word.

Share your pride

Ambassadors speak on behalf of the region, sharing their pride and passion and emphasising all the great things on offer to businesses in North East England.

Free online toolkit

To help you spread the word, Ambassadors enjoy unlimited access to our free online toolkit containing:
  • A wealth of up-to-date regional business statistics  to back up your sector info and key organisation messages
  • Resources for use in your presentations, recruitment campaigns and publicity materials
  • Request your very own ‘Passionate about’ strapline and join in with the Passionate People Passionate Places campaign
Everyone can play their part

Become and Ambassador and join us in working together to create opportunities for businesses in North East England and contribute to the future success of our area.

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Send us your ideas

If you can think of any other ways to help spread the message, please share them with us.
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